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I’ve been a loyal client of Laura’s for 8 years or more! There isn’t anything I don’t trust her to do! My recent venture with Laura has been scar revision! OMG I can’t begin to tell you what my 32 year old stretch marks looked like after just one session! Amazing!!! Laura walked me through step by step the process and self care that I needed to do. I’ve had my 2nd session and again blown away!! The pictures speak for themselves. If my stretch marks look this good after just 2 sessions I can’t wait to see the final results. All in time for swimsuit season!! ~ Tammie

Laura spent an afternoon tinting and perming my lashes, and tinting/waxing my brows. Because of her, I look amazing! She is very well trained and extremely knowledgeable. She never stops seeking education for her treatments and is very talented... I’m so happy to have finally found her! ~ Jill

Laura is extremely talented and listens to her clients to create beautiful custom makeup designs! I hired her to do my stage makeup for my bodybuilding show, which I ended up winning! Highly recommended for any occasion! ~ Jodi McLaughlin

Laura does a fantastic job, as a graphic designer and area photographer, we have worked together on alot of creative themes. She is truly inspiring and I personally recommend her for any makeup services ~ Eric S. Sprecher

Laura took great care of me (and my bridal party) on my wedding day! It was't until I had my make up on that I truly began to feel like a Bride. Laura was very professional throughout the whole process, from the first phone call, to the "trial run", to the big day. She gave me a very natural look with bold lashes, which is just what I wanted. I highly recommend the air-brushed foundation. It was well worth the price, especially for our outdoor wedding (on a very hot day). The make up still looked great at the end of the night! Thanks Laura!! -Erin, Bride

I first met Laura at school and as soon as I got to know her (and her talent) I knew she was the one person I would trust to do my makeup for my wedding. She helped me create the perfect look for my big day through a couple trial runs. The lashes she put on lasted 3 weeks, all the way through my honeymoon! Her makeup was flawless and I never felt like I had too much on. Four months after the wedding and people are still making comments on how beautiful my makeup was. I couldn't be happier with the results and I would highly recommend Laura's talent to anyone who is in need of a makeup artist. - Dani, Bride

As I was sitting there editing my bride's wedding images, I noticed her make up looked just as good at the reception as it did when you first did it. So I HAD to write :) Besides being professional, your work stood the test of time. I would highly recommend you to any of my future brides. Keep up the amazing work! And God bless your business. - Erika of E Fotography LLC

Amazing work! Truly a lovely artist as well as a lovely woman! - Realize, Model

Laura was such a pleasure to work with. She was very professional and did an amazing job on the model, I was photographing. You can tell the talent she possesses just by looking through the photos on her website. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a makeup artist, for whatever reason.

- Jackie of J Wagler Photography

I have known and worked with Laura for years, we met at the cosmetic dept. at Macy's where we both worked. Right from the start we hit it off. Our love for the art of makeup bonded us for life. She is so talented and truly has a love for making people look and feel beautiful. I've learned alot from Laura and will always admire her work. I've seen what she can do with a blank canvas (face) its simply amazing. I would definitely recommend anyone in need of a professional talented makeup artist to contact Laura. SHE CAN DO IT ALL!!!!!!!!! - Hilary Kaczmarek, Makeup Artist

Working with Laura has been sheer pleasure. She is as professional as they come. She has a calm and soothing demeanor which puts even the most nervous model/client at ease. And her makeup? Magic, flawless, gorgeous. From period work, where she clearly has studied her references and understands the importance of authenticity, to special occasion makeup where Laura's artistry causes a woman to look like a goddess, she is an extraordinary talent. I have no doubt that we will one day see her work on the big screen, she's just that good. - Melanie Kean, Hair Stylist

Makeup artist or Magician? Since I wasn't used to wearing much makeup on my own, I was nervous about what to do for my wedding. Laura did an amazing job at balancing my jitters and made me feel so comfortable. I didn't feel like I was wearing too much and yet the photos are amazing! She talked me through everything from a trial run to what makeup to take on the honeymoon! It was a super balancing act and I couldn't be more pleased at how she made me look and feel on my special day! Denise - Blushing Bride

Laura is a complete professional in everything that she does. She's talented and very dependable. Her creative ideas and willingness to go that extra mile are what set her apart from many artists. If you are lucky enough to work with Laura, you will not be disappointed. She will give you the confidence you need to accomplish your goal. - Gas Oven, Photographer

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