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Welcome to PMU Collaborative...

What is PMU Collaborative?

PMU Collaborative is an amazing educational program that has been created by Mary Hall Scott and Laura McElroy.

There is no other program like this available on the market today.

It is focused on Collaboration vs Competition and building a community.

The PMU Collaborative is a collection of artists who work together. Sharing studios, ideas, trainings, marketing and more.

This education program incorporates:

🌺 Business Acumen

🌺 Marketing Analysis

🌺 Setting up your business

🌺 Your own studio vs Commission based

🌺 Business expenses

🌺 Color Theory

🌺 Fitzpatrick Scale

🌺 Pigmentology

🌺 Machines & Cartridges

🌺 Tattooing Techniques

🌺 Dimensional Tattooing

🌺 Realism Tattooing

🌺 Affiliate programs available

🌺 and so much more!

The 3 month program includes “live zooms”, lifetime support in a private Facebook group, lifetime membership to the organization.

It is the first of its kind to educate while directly linking artists to those in their areas who are willing to collaborate and not compete.

To learn more about The Collab...

Go to:

The next class will start May 3rd.

(No Interest Payment Plans Available)

This class will be everything you need and more. After participating in this 3 month online program it is recommended you attend the hands on training sessions to complete the program in it entirety.

Certifications are received at the completion of the online and hands-on!

Hands - On Training Retreat

Just a small part of our training in Naples, FL

Video Testimonial Montage

Click on the Smiley Face to see full video testimonials from some of our students!

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