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Permanent Makeup Services & Pricing


*** A $50 NON-REFUNDABLE, NON-TRANSFERABLE Booking and Supply Fee will be taken at the time of scheduling. This will be taken off of the First Session.


The Second Session is your Perfecting Session… it is done 6-10 weeks after your initial session. The Perfecting Session is important for the longevity of your PMU and to make any minor adjustments in shape, color, etc.



First Session: 499

Second Session: 100


1) Powder… soft and natural brow powder makeup look

2) Combo Brows… microblading (3D hair strokes) with powder shading

3) Ombre… powder shading that transitions from dark to light, either from tail to front or bottom to top

We will discuss what is best for you at your consultation or appointment.



First Session:

Top ~ 250

Top & Bottom ~ 399

Second Session: 100


A permanent cosmetic tattoo in your lash line to make your lashes appear more full.



First Session:

Top ~ 350

Top & Bottom ~ 499

Second Session: 100


A permanent cosmetic tattoo on top of your lash line. Lash Enhancement Liner is included.


LMB Signature Eyeliner… soft and natural with a little smoke

Colors… black, different shades of brown, green, purple, navy, teal, or grey



First Session: 499

Second Session: 100


A natural, every day enhancement of your lips by adjusting the color, symmetry, and/or bringing back your vermillion border. You may bring in your favorite every day lipstick/gloss for a reference point on color, however we choose color based on your natural lip color to make the lip tattoo look as natural as possible.


*After your lips are healed you may wear any lipstick color you choose over the top.






Brows, Eyeliner, and Lips


2+ YEAR TOUCH UP ~ 399

Brows, Eyeliner, and Lips



Lashline Only



Lashline Only



Price is per session. Color Correcting undesirable colors from past permanent makeup. Multiple Sessions may be required.



Thank you for your interest in Cosmetic Tattooing...

* Please read through the information provided before scheduling an appointment. After reviewing the information, if you feel you would like to schedule a consultation, please do so. I have in-studio or phone/video chat consults available. 

* Please feel free to print, fill out, and bring the completed forms with you to your appointment. 

As you read through my website, you will notice I use multiple terms for Permanent Makeup... Cosmetic Tattooing, PMU, Micropigmentation, Permanent Cosmetics... the terms are used interchangeably, depending on preference... no matter the term used, consider any form of tattooing permanent... even Microblading! 

What exactly is Microblading? Microblading is a manual technique of cosmetic tattooing. I use a handheld tool to create 3D strokes to mimic brow hair. Typically your touch-ups will be every 12-18 months as the hair strokes fade. Microblading looks best on people who all ready have brow hair and needs to fill in sparse brows. Microblading is not for all skin types... it just does not heal well on everyone. the following types are NOT candidates for Microblading:

* Extremely Oily Skin

* Sun-Damaged Skin

* Pink, Ruddy Skin

* Textured Skin (think large pores, orange peel skin)

* Mature/Thin, Fragile Skin

While these skin types do not heal well with Microblading, a different technique called Powder Brows, is absolutely beautiful!

Things to consider prior to scheduling a PMU appointment:

* Each appointment takes 90 minutes - 3 hours, depending on the procedure... please plan accordingly. 

* The $50 Booking/Service Fee is non-refundable. 

* If you must reschedule your appointment, your Booking/Service Fee will transfer up to 60 days.

* You must cancel/reschedule within the 48 hour cancellation policy to have your Booking Fee/Service fee transfer.

* If you need to reschedule your appointment, please contact me and I will reschedule the appointment for you. If you make another appointment, you will be charged a second Booking/Service Fee and your first one will be forfeited.

* If you come to your appointment and I am unable to perform the service due to not following the pre-care instructions or have a contraindication, your original Booking/Service Fee is forfeited and you will be charged an additional $100 cancellation fee.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Gratuity is appreciated but not required... the best tips are referrals and reviews

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