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Introducing Laura McElroy Beauty

Hi,  I am Laura, of Laura McElroy Beauty!  I thought it was important for my first blog to write how I got to where I am today. 
If you have read my "About" page you know that I loved beauty of a very early age.  I was turned on to Estee Lauder at 12 years old.  I wanted nothing more than to be a cosmetic chemist for them...I loved mixing my own colors of nail polish, and to this day, I still mix shadows, blushes, and lip glosses to see what I can come up with.  Unfortunately, I had to take chemistry in high school, and found out pretty early on that maybe chemistry was not going to be my forte!
I started anti-aging at 16, using, of course, Estee Lauder!  I worked at my Great Aunts' cafes, so I saved all of my tips so I could afford it.  Around that time, I found out I had a real knack for hair.  I had a friend whose Mother had her own shop in her home.  She was generous enough, or maybe I should say brave enough, to let me cut, color, and perm her hair whenever she needed it done.  I loved it!  But when it came time to graduate, I opted for college instead of beauty school.  I did think about dropping out many times, so I could go to cosmetology school, but I thought my parents would kill me, so I got my BS in Hotel, Restaurant, Institution Management in 1997.
I did go on to work for Estee Lauder in 1998.  I worked for them for a total of 3 years.  While I was there, I started doing freelance, on-location makeup and  I learned that I loved educating on skincare and found out that there was a program just for esthetics!  I moved to Cincinnati with a friend of mine to go to Aveda Fredric's Institute.  Unfortunately, there wasn't an Aveda school in Des Moines at the time.  I had my heart set on going to Aveda!
I graduated with top honors, and received my license in February of 2002.  From there I worked for an Aveda Salon and Spa, MAC Cosmetics, the leading Salon and Day Spa in Cincinnati, a Plastic Surgeon, and eventually went independent.
I learned a lot about esthetics, makeup, and waxing during these years.  (If you would like to see different things I have done for makeup, please view my Credits Page.)
After being in Cincinnati for 11.5 years, I really wanted to get back to my roots, and move closer to home.  So, I landed here, in Sioux Falls, SD in August of 2012.  I work for Radiance Day Spa, I am building a great clientele for waxing and skincare, and I am booking weddings.  Life is pretty good here...I love the beauty business!
This is my history in a nutshell!