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3D Hyper Realistic Areola Tattooing

I am so excited to now be offering 3D Hyper Realistic Areola Tattooing at Laura McElroy Beauty! ❤️

It is such an honor to be able to give such a beautiful gift to someone in need.

Tattooing can be done on anyone who has went through reconstruction or opted to leave a chest wall after having a mastectomy or prophylactic mastectomy, transgender reassignment, or if you are just in the need of a color enhancement or adjusting the shape of an existing areola.

I will also be offering a free clinic once a month for someone who needs assistance starting in September… please feel free to get on the waitlist!

Areola Tattooing Information

* Areola Tattooing is the last step in your journey. We typically wait a minimum of 6 months after your reconstruction before tattooing. We want to make sure you are completely healed from surgery and are ready for 3D Hyper Realistic Areola Tattooing. In some cases, we may be able to tattoo sooner than 6 months, but would need a note from your doctor to proceed.

* Depending on your heal, we may have to do some scar revision first before tattooing. This will be discussed at your consultation if needed. Unfortunately, if you tend to get keloid scarring, you will not be a candidate for areola tattooing.

* A complimentary consultation is to be scheduled prior to an areola tattooing appointment. This time will be used to get to know one another, take photos, discuss colors and overall aesthetics of the areola (please feel free to have inspiration photos), go over questions and answer any questions you may have.

* Areola Tattooing is done in 2 sessions... The initial session and the perfecting session. The perfecting session is done 8-10 weeks after the initial session.


Unilateral Areola Tattooing - $300

Bilateral Areola Tattooing - $600

Payment Options:

1) Pay in Full

2) 2 Payments - Due at each session

Unilateral: $200/$100... Bilateral: $400/$200

3) Cherry Payment Plans... Click on Payment Plans to Apply

4) Free Clinic - Once a month for someone who needs further assistance. Please feel free to get on the waitlist if the above payment options do not fit your budget.

* I do not accept insurance or HSAs

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